True Wireless Stereo

True Wireless Stereo

Bluetooth wireless technology is a modern marvel. Because of its invention, excellent speakers like the Promate Bomba and Silox could exist, and they can deliver exceptional sound quality without the hassle of messy and tangle-prone wiring.

But not all Bluetooth accessories are created equal. Promate's best Bluetooth speakers – as well as some earphones -- all come with something special that can take your listening experience to the next level. It's called True Wireless Stereo (TWS), and it's a unique Bluetooth feature that will let you enjoy true stereo sound quality without the use of cables or wires.

TWS works as follows:

  • You pair a primary Bluetooth speaker to your preferred Bluetooth-enabled audio source. Let’s call it the Master.
  • Take a second Bluetooth speaker of the same model and pair it with the Master. Let’s call this second one the Slave.
  • Once both speaker units have been paired with each other, and you can verify that the Master is paired with your main audio source, you can begin to play your music. You’ll find that upon doing so, TWS will instantly work its magic and give you a definitive stereo sound experience -- with properly separated left and right channel audio output -- despite the lack of a wired connection between your two speakers.
  • The same principle also works for some types of Bluetooth wireless earphones, and such is the case with the Promate PowerBeat and TrueBlue-2

Here are some of the reasons why TWS one of the best things to happen to wireless sound output:

Effortless Setup

Since TWS is a standard feature across all of Promate’s best Bluetooth speakers, you don’t need to download or install anything extra in order to take advantage of it. It works right out of the box, and you can set it up in just a matter of seconds. With just a few button presses, you’ll be listening to your favorite tunes in stereo and wirelessly, at that.

Zero Cables Required

With TWS, the words “truly wireless stereo” don’t just signify a dream -- it’s actual reality. Not only will there will be no cables running from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to any of Promate’s Bluetooth speakers, there will also be no cables between your separate speaker units. And yet you’ll hear all the audio you play in certified stereo goodness. It’s basically like magic.

Uncompromising Audio Experience

Can you imagine hearing your favorite music in full stereo even when you’re on the move? With Promate’s TWS-enabled Bluetooth speakers, you wouldn’t need to. Just set them up as you should, and you’ll be transplanted from wherever you are to exactly where you want to be -- all with the power of wireless stereo audio.

With TWS, which is available in products like the Promate Silox and Bomba, you’ll never have to compromise when it comes to listening to your favorite music or watching the latest blockbuster movies. You’ll get the best audio experience possible, and you’d be free of tangle-prone wires or cables, at that.


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