Qi Wireless Charging

Qi Wireless Charging

Wireless power has been the dream for modern electronics ever since it first emerged as a science fiction concept. Now, it's available as a feature on certain mainstream gadgets, and it will only get more ubiquitous as time goes on. If you want to make the most of it, here are a few things that you absolutely need to know.

Fast Facts about Wireless Charging:

  • Currently known as Qi -- pronounced CHEE -- wireless charging, based on the Chinese word "qi" which means "energy flow"
  • Created as an open interface standard by the Wireless Power Consortium, which is composed of various member companies from the tech industry
  • Available in either "low power" or "high power" specifications, which deliver power below 5 W and up to 1 kW depending on what's being charged
  • Uses a system that's based on electromagnetic induction between planar coils, which are typically 5 mm apart but can be as far apart as 40 mm or more
  • Offers great convenience for charging but comes with the disadvantage of being less efficient than wired charging solutions

Main Benefits of Qi Wireless

In the real world, using a wireless charger over a wired one is all about enjoying the freedom from troublesome and tangle-prone cables or wiring. And as of today, you have a number of different wireless charging options to choose from.

First, there are wireless charging pads or charging stations, which you can use simply by placing them down on a flat surface and then laying down your Qi-enabled devices, be they smartphones or tablets, on top of them. The Promate AuraBase-2, which can wirelessly charge an iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, falls under this category.

Next, there are also wireless charging stands, which function by propping your devices up so you can charge them in an upright position wirelessly. Like charging stations, these sometimes offer space for more than one compatible device. But mainly they are single-purpose solutions like the AuraDock-2, AuraDock-3, and AuraDock-4.

There are also Qi wireless chargers available for use in your car. One example is the Promate AuraMount, which was designed specifically to be used as a wireless charging docking car mount.

Finally, there are wireless charging power banks, which work just like regular power banks except for their ability to recharge compatible devices wirelessly. These include the Promate AuraPack-X, which serves the dual purpose of being an iPhone X case while also providing backup battery power whenever needed.

Qi Wireless Future

Wireless charging and wireless power in general may still be far from perfect, but at least they are already useful in normal everyday situations. From easily charging without wires in your car, on your office desk, or even your bedside table, they add an extra level of convenience that can't be denied. Give them a try to experience life without pesky wires.


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