OTG ''On The Go'' USB Hub and Card Reader for Android Devices


OTG Hub and Card Reader for Android Devices

  • proLink.OTG is a multifunctional hub compatible with most Micro-USB OTG devices
  • Plug and play option allows you to experience all the functionalities at the same time
  • Plug a mouse or a keyboard; browse your information from a Card or connect to your USB device
  • Enjoy full access, data transfer between storage devices and even smartphones, without any additional cables or plugs
  • Simply connect proLink.OTG and have instant access to all your files and cards On-The- Go

Full OTG function

  • Connecting to wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and other USB external devices
  • 5 slot design: SD + micro SD +3-port USB2.0 Hub
  • High- Speed file transfer USB 2.0
  • SD and Micro SD card reader/writer ports
  • Support for the latest SD v3.0 UHS-I 104 Specifications Memory Card
  • Plug-and-play, no external power supply
  • Reads USB and SD or MSD cards at the same time

Technical Specifications

  • Supports Operating system Android 2.3 or above
  • Supported SD and Micro-SD Memory Card 

          Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours