Premium 24K Gold Plated HDMI to Mini-HDMI Cable, flexShield™ PVC coated Copper



linkMate-LTF is a premium Lightning to USB cable to charge and sync your Lightning connector supported devices. This MFi certified cable is made from flexShield™ PVC coated copper material that delivers superior quality data transmission and charging. linkMate-LTF is available in two urban and funky colors.

Premium HDMI to Mini-HDMI Audio Video Cable

  • Premium HDMI to Mini-HDMI cable that connects camera or video camera to your HDTV for full high-definition video and audio with a compact cable
  • Made from flexShield™ PVC coated 24k gold plated copper material
  • Delivers up to 1080p HD video and multi-channel audio with just a single cable
  • Provides high refresh rates for smoother motion view and supports new lossless audio format for a clearer sound for your ultimate viewing and audio experience

Ultimate viewing and audio experience

  • Connects Mini-HDMI to camera or video camera
  • High-speed HDMI version 1.4, single link bandwidth from 165Mhz (4.95Gbps) to 340Mhz (10.2Gbps)
  • Delivers up to 1080p HD video and multi-channel audio
  • Transports video and audio through a single cable
  • High refresh rates (up to 120 Hz) for smoother motion view
  • Deep color, from 24-bit up to 30-bit, 36-bit, 48-bit (RGB or Ycbcr) color depths
  • Broader color space, support the next generation “xvYcc” color space
  • Support new lossless audio format: Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio for home theater
  • 24k gold plated connectors for optimum signal transfer

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours