Dual-ended Sync & Charge Cable



linkMate-LTF is a premium Lightning to USB cable to charge and sync your Lightning connector supported devices. This cable is made from flexShield™ PVC coated copper material that delivers superior quality data transmission and charging. linkMate-LTF is available in two urban and funky colors.

Dual-Head Sync and Charge Cable Lightning & Micro-USB

  • Compactly designed dual-head cable offering a simple solution for charging or syncing devices with different connector points
  • Collapsible cable tip you can select either Lightning connector or Micro-USB prong
  • Charges directly from any standard USB port and supports data syncing features for a multiple type of devices
  • Ideal for user who carries multiple devices and needs an efficient and compact charging tool with a minimum shuffle
  • Dual-head Lightning and Micro USB
  • Charges from any standard USB port
  • Supports charge and sync features for any Micro-USB supported devices
  • Triple coated cable for stability and durability
  • 1 meter straight cable
  • Made from ABS plastic and flexShield™ PVC coated copper material

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours