Heavy-Duty Mesh-Armored Data & Charge Cable with Lightning Connector



linkMate-LTF is a premium Lightning to USB cable to charge and sync your Lightning connector supported devices. This MFi certified cable is made from flexShield™ PVC coated copper material that delivers superior quality data transmission and charging. linkMate-LTF is available in two urban and funky colors.

Mesh-Armored Data & Charge Cable with Lightning Connector

  • Premium Charging Cable: Charge your devices or transfer data between the devices with this premium mesh armoured cable
  • Mesh-Armoured Cable: Never worry about internal breaks as Cable-LTF features heavy-duty mesh armour
  • Stability: Experience stable & fast, sync & charge function
  • Safe: Cable-LTF is extremely safe and ensures short-circuit & over-charging protection
  • Compatibility: Cable-LTF is compatible with all devices supporting Lightning Connector
  • Length: This premium cable is 1.2 meters in length
  • Available in a Variety of Colours: Cable-LTF is available in two classic colours: Black & White

Availability: Usually Ships in 10 to 12 Days