Ergonomic Anti-Skid Mouse Pad with Comfortable Memory Foam Wrist Rest


Fast & Smooth

  • Comfortable for Long Use: The built-in foam wrist rest provides not only comfortable support but the ergonomic design protects your wrist from soreness and injury during long sessions at the computer.
  • Antimicrobial Memory Foam: Use your mouse in ergonomic comfort with Accutrack Anti-Skid Mouse Pad with antimicrobial protection. 
  • Large diameter working area: The large diameter of the pad provides plenty of work space for your mouse.
  • Anti-Stain Surface: Aand the foam material restricts the growth of microorganisms that can stain or degrade the pad, providing you with a clean, sanitary and odour free work area
  • Stable Non-Skid Base: Your mouse glides smoothly across mouse pad as the pad protects your work surface from scratches and scrapes

      Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours