Ultra-Slim Metallic Finish Case With Detachable Car Mount



Ultra-Slim Metallic Finish Case With Detachable Car Mount

  • Multi Function Protective Case: Ensure all round protection with mountCase-S6E, an ultra-slim metallic finish case with detachable car AC vent mount
  • Full Optimum Protection: mountCase-S6E provides dual-layered protection, preventing scratches and scuffs
  • Hard Grip Case: You need not worry even if you drop your smartphone accidentally
  • Car Mount Supported: Simply attach the detachable mount to mountCase-S6E and place it in your car
  • Lightweight Metallic Finish: mountCase-S6E is ultra slim and Lightweight case therefore you can easily bring anywhere and prevent unexpected falling while on mount
  • Angled Viewing: You can use the provided detachable car mount to make it stand, good for watching movies or playing games

Style Re-defined

  • Easy Snap-On: Slide your smartphone in mountCase-S6E and ensure optimum protection with functionality
  • Unrestricted Access: Get unrestricted access to all ports and buttons of your smart phone.
  • Compatible Colors: mountCase-S6E is available in two classic colors: Gold & Black
  • Convenient Mount Case: No tools or adhesives are required to install mountCase-S6E in your car

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours