Posted by Alton Pereira

With Promate’s presence at the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2015, Innovation has led creativity to outgrow at its best.

 CES 2015 so far has been the perfect platform for not only all the major industry players to showcase their innovative gadget line but, it has also has proved to be a hot and trending topic amongst the gadget enthusiasts around the globe of which Promate Technologies is proudly a participant.

As an exhibitor, Promate Technologies ideology i.e., ‘Lifestyle Technology’ perfectly aligns to CES’s ideology which clearly emphasizes on being a ‘Home to Tomorrow’s Leading Technologies’ which includes Lifestyle Electronics.

 With one of the widest range of product categories and products, Promate Technologies has come up with a variety of products this year, which are innovative and made along with keeping ‘Lifestyle Technology’ ideology in mind.

 The major attractions to checkout at our booth this year are a number of products:

Sense: Hear the Sound, Visualize the Beat

Experience a visual treat while you play onto your favorite tracks with Sense and find yourself into a complete mesmerizing fascination.  Add a new spectrum to your music with a full –color intelligent array of LED themes and take your music listening experience to a next level. Now make your music, dance to your tune with a display of a variety of spectral light effects that you are free to choose from. Encompassed in an optimized acoustic enclosure, Sense delivers surprisingly loud and impactful audio with its efficient full range drivers. Make it simpler with alternate connectivity options of Micro-SD, Aux-in and uninterrupted NFC connectivity. With Sense, experience a portable party rolled up into one-small package and a fusion of light and sound.


Panorama-10: Universal Compact Multimedia Android DLP Projector

With Panorama-10, find a simple solution to all your business, home and education projections. Simply give quick presentations with this powerful projector which runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2. With its super bright DLP Lamp, project brightness up to 100 Lumens and that too up to 170”. The powerful 4200mAh built-in rechargeable Lithium Battery lasts up to 2 hrs. on a single charge. Now, project images and other content from any HDMI Compatible device and also Smartphones supporting Mobile High Definition Link (MHL). Panorama-10 also has inserts for Micro-SD and TF Cards along with superior Wi-Fi Connectivity. Handling your presentations will become easier with its Compact Remote Control. Also, adjust your Panorama-10 on tripods and make projections simpler. Thus, with Panorama-10 find quick and easy solutions to your projections.

For further enquiries and more information on our wide range of products, kindly visit us at Sands Expo Booth #74364 also visit our website and follow us on our Facebook Page- or  to know more about our range of products and new upcoming products.