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This is the where the two strong and equally different personalities shake hands and come to the middle ground. It is almost like competing gangs of sleek and well-dressed desperados have found a reason to clink glasses on. Introducing the unifying body, from the linkMate series, linkMate-LTC.

 Experience the most evolved connectivity platform with linkMate-LTC. Charge and sync between your Android device and Lightning connector device at super-fast speeds. With a transfer rate of up to 5Gbps you can witness true sync between your two devices. Charge your smartphone using another smartphone with ease. Experience seamless connectivity with linkMate-LTC.

 What can one simple cable possibly have under its belt? It has the reversible USB Type-C connector at one end and a Lightning connector on the other so you can connect your iPhone to the latest MacBook series. It has a slim tip connector for the cable to fit through almost all types of your device cases. It is OTG compatible. Its white version glows in the dark. It’s PVC coated and is 120 cm long. It also has a long bend lifespan

 All this in one simple cable.

 Buy now at just $23.99 from www.promate.net/products/linkmate-ltc


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