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Experience the new USB Type-C connector with Promate Technologies and walk through the ever-increasing technological advances that we encounter daily. Let us start with understanding what exactly USB Type-C is.

Over the years the USB plugs have practically evolved. Starting with USB 1.1, everything has changed ever since. The new plugs are fast & swift while creating minimal clutter on your desk. With the latest USB Type-C, charge, transfer and sync your data at superfast speed. The new USB Type-C is compact as compared to its predecessors and can be plugged anyway i.e. you do not have to plug in your USB plug several times before getting it right.

Putting a light on its speed, USB Type-C is able to transfer data at up to 10 Gbps i.e. 20 times faster than USB 2.0 and 2 times faster than USB 3.0. Coming to power, USB Type-C can supply a high power of up to 100 watts, that too in both directions. Talking about its audio & video quality, USB Type-C is able to deliver high quality audio & video.

With the major industry players coming up with the USB Type-C ports, it is evident that this new evolution has a long way to go.


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