• linkMate-LTC : Reversible Type-C to Lightning Connector

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    This is the where the two strong and equally different personalities shake hands and come to the middle ground. It is almost like competing gangs of sleek and well-dressed desperados have found a reason to clink glasses on. Introducing the unifying body, from the linkMate series, linkMate-LTC.

     Experience the most evolved connectivity platform with linkMate-LTC. Charge and sync between your Android device and Lightning connector device at super-fast speeds. With a transfer rate of up to 5Gbps you can witness true sync between your two devices. Charge your smartphone using another smartphone with ease. Experience seamless connectivity with linkMate-LTC.

     What can one simple cable possibly have under its belt? It has the reversible USB Type-C connector at one end and a Lightning connector on the other so you can connect your iPhone to the latest MacBook series. It has a slim tip connector for the cable to fit through almost all types of your device cases. It is OTG compatible. Its white version glows in the dark. It’s PVC coated and is 120 cm long. It also has a long bend lifespan

     All this in one simple cable.

     Buy now at just $23.99 from www.promate.net/products/linkmate-ltc

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  • CoreHub-C, the 8-in-1 Type C USB-C Hub for your new Macbook Pro

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    It is finally here, CoreHub – C. With the technology becoming sleeker and stylish by day it is easy to forget the comfort and essentials. If you ever get that incomplete feeling while using your latest MacBook or PC, fear not, CoreHub – C is here to fill in that blank. The 8-in-1 Type C USB-C Hub with Power Delivery polishes what is already perfect, and how!

    It’s a bummer when your new technology makes your present tech obsolete. But the CoreHub-C’s Type C USB-C Hub allows you to use your old USB peripherals by converting a Type-C USB port to three USB 3.0 ports, a Type C USB port with Pass Through charging, an SD card slot, a Micro SD card slot, an HDMI Port with 4K output and an Ethernet Port. You can use this Type-C Hub with USB peripherals and devices, as well as SD and Micro SD cards while charging your Laptop device simultaneously. Accessing your media becomes very easy with coreHub-C – and absolutely no drivers are required! No more compromising with CoreHub – C. Not so obsolete anymore, eh?

     With the output interface of USB Type-C, USB Voltage of 5V, 900mA and transfer rate of 5Gbps it becomes a complete package. It supports Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X 10.2 (and above). It makes CoreHub - C perfect add on to any laptop, desktop, tablet, netbooks and printers.

     Be a photographer, gamer or just another user, CoreHub – C serves us all. Multiple solutions compressed in one tiny body of the new Type C USB-C Hub with aluminium finish has three classy colours to choose from – Gold, Silver, and Space Grey. Makes us all wonder, what next?

     Buy now at just $89.99 from www.promate.net/products/corehub-c 


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  • Explore New Horizons with Promate Type-C Solutions

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    Experience the new USB Type-C connector with Promate Technologies and walk through the ever-increasing technological advances that we encounter daily. Let us start with understanding what exactly USB Type-C is.

    Over the years the USB plugs have practically evolved. Starting with USB 1.1, everything has changed ever since. The new plugs are fast & swift while creating minimal clutter on your desk. With the latest USB Type-C, charge, transfer and sync your data at superfast speed. The new USB Type-C is compact as compared to its predecessors and can be plugged anyway i.e. you do not have to plug in your USB plug several times before getting it right.

    Putting a light on its speed, USB Type-C is able to transfer data at up to 10 Gbps i.e. 20 times faster than USB 2.0 and 2 times faster than USB 3.0. Coming to power, USB Type-C can supply a high power of up to 100 watts, that too in both directions. Talking about its audio & video quality, USB Type-C is able to deliver high quality audio & video.

    With the major industry players coming up with the USB Type-C ports, it is evident that this new evolution has a long way to go.


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